Dear Edward: Family Footprints

Paul Weinberg Jacana, 2012 ISBN 978-1-4314-0554-1

From the introduction: This book is a personal journey into the family archives of photographer Paul Weinberg. Childhood sorties into an old black trunk uncovered family postcards, stamps, letters and photographs that excited his imagination about what lay beyond his South African world. These memorabilia connected Weinberg to both his grandparents’ roots in eastern Europe and his own roots in South Africa, and prompted an exploration of his family’s footprints in far-flung small towns in the interior. In the form of postcards to his great-grandfather Edward, it is both a visual narrative of this journey and a multilayered travel book which pieces together the jigsaw puzzle of his family’s history, and asks important questions about who writes history and who is left out.

“These images mimic postcards collected by my grandfather which recorded communications between family members all over the world, which I discovered as a child in a old black trunk at home. They linked my grandparents to their roots, and sparked off new discoveries as I journeyed to find my own.”