durban impressions cover

Durban: impressions of an African city

Paul Weinberg, David Robbins and Gcina Mhlope Porcupine Press, 2003 ISBN 0-620-28789-6

From the backtext: Durban is a city of contrasts, contradictions, cultural diversity, and challenges. Venturing beyond the cliches and stereotypes, book takes you into the heart of South Africa and Africa. Reflected through the architecture, culture and people, both indigenous and ‘indigenised’, the soul of the city is revealed. Written by award-winning travel writer David Robbins and acclaimed storyteller Gcina Mhlope, and observed by renowned documentary photographer Paul Weinberg, this is an unusual travel book with perceptive insights into one of Africa’s most interesting cities.

“Durban buzzes constantly, beguiling the observer with a dizzying range of nuances and many levels of unexplored humanity.”